In Addition To This, Android Users Can Go Into Much More Details About The Specifics Of Individual Businesses.

Neighborhood names, for example, no longer have that faded, italicized look. Instead, theyre bolder and have a larger font size. Points of interest and business names are also shown in a larger size. Theres also a new color scheme for maps that Google says is more balanced and will help you differentiate between constructed and natural features. Finally, Google added a new feature called areas of interest. On Maps youll now see hot spots shaded in orange. These are highly trafficked areas packed with restaurants, bars, and stores. Google says it uses an algorithm to decide where to put these areas of interest, and in dense urban areas it also uses the human touch to show only the most active areas. Its not clear if the human touch means crowdsourced data from Google Maps users or human curators making decisions back at Google HQ. The impact on you at home: Overall, the changes to Google Maps look nice, but may be a dramatic shift for some. The key for Google is to always make its maps as useful as possible.

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Analysis: Optimization of Title &Meta Data is the mosteffective on-page content for improving rankings (68 percent). Title elements not only define a page for search engines, but they also provide a valuablepreview of a page to users in SERPs. Compelling content is rated the next most effective type on-page content (42 percent). However, its clear you cant have one without the other: Content makes the page, title tags define it. Service or Product detail changesare the type of content that can really help you define what a business does. A lot of local businesses will struggle to come up with content ideas, but describing what they offer and sell should be the easy part. Thankfully, some of the most effective types of on-page content are also the simplest to execute. Title and meta data may require keyword research, but not necessarily technical expertise. The same can be said for Compelling copy.

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It has ages as with the C901 which not only makes getting lost much harder with the goggle Maps or Wayfinder Navigator to help find the way, Ge tagging photos with info on where they're being taken is also possible. Animated wallpaper looks best with this phone's pixel count. Black and White Headshots - these are studio head shots converted into black and white during post production d. Here photographer will use different lighting skills to produce more striking effect e. The C901 is a Cyber-shot 5-megapixel camera with Xenon Flash for better indoor photos. To answer an incoming call, just tap the screen and speak into the built in microphone. Both phones share PlayNow which gives access to a virtual shop where a wide selection of music, ring tones, over 250 games, wallpaper and graphics. Artistic Headshots - those could be in colour or black and white and are very close to portraits.

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You've almost certainly encountered errors and omissions on Google Maps, and starting today the company is making it easy to point out missing and incorrect data from the comfort of your mobile. Crowdsourcing the collecting of map data is a great way to ensure that Google Maps is kept constantly up to date. It means that as businesses close down, change names, or open up, users can submit feedback to Google straight away so the information is available to everyone as quickly as possible. In a blog post Google explains all of the tools it has introduced, including the ability for iOS, Android and Google search users to suggest edits to existing business information, or to submit details of new businesses. In addition to this, Android users can go into much more details about the specifics of individual businesses. In the case of restaurants, for instance, you can provide feedback about the types of cuisine that are available, add pricing details, and so on. As with any form of crowdsourcing, there is the potential for abuse, and Google is well aware of this. To try to combat the problem, users are invited to verify edits and additions that have been suggested by others to ensure that only correct information makes it through. Google says: For places that have pending suggestions, youll see a notification stating that "Someone suggested new info." If you click or tap that notification, youll have the option to verify whether the suggestion is accurate.

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